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 JC Worldwide has built strong connections in Doha, Qatar, a country poised to offer a robust construction market over the next ten years.

  • An estimated 800 towers with greater than 20 stories are planned for completion in Doha over the next decade to provide the required residential accommodation and commercial real estate including:

    • Residential Apartments
    • Hotel Accommodations
    • Commercial Premises
    • Mixed-use structures
  • Official estimates put planned spending on World Cup infrastructure, hotels and 12 eco-friendly stadiums at about $50 billion .
  • According to the UK-based Oriel Securities, outstanding projects in Qatar currently total $209 billion of which 40% is allocated to infrastructure investment. Government spending through 2016 will be more than $65 billion .
  • More than $2.1 trillion in projects are planned or underway in the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC), according to a report compiled by Deloitte & Touche, with $221 billion identified in Qatar.

    For more in-depth information on the country of Qatar click 60 Minutes video link below:


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